Best of: Marrakech, Morocco! MBA User-Submitted photos.

Hey MBA users!  Every now and then we’re going to post user-submitted photos of your coolest trips, pics, and places!  Be sure to send them in; you can Tweet us your pics at @MyBuddyAbroad , post it on our Facebook page or send it via e-mail to tyler@

Our next Best of Series will be London, England! Be sure to submit your best photo!

“I never knew there would be so much to do in Marrakech.” Aubrey A.

“The Souk of Marrakech! Anything and everything you could want to buy is all here.” – Riley G.

“Beautiful pillars right by the Medina!” – Lacey B.

“A traditional Moroccan meal (maybe except for the French fries and Diet coke).” – Ally T.

“One of the cities greatest landmarks, the Koutoubia Mosque!” – Andrew J.

“Out sand duning around the Atlas mountains!” – Sarah B.

“Having tea in a rural Moroccan home outside of Marrakesh – amazing experience!” -Emilie S.

“Local school children watching us tourists. I wonder what they think of us?!” – Nick C.

“The beautiful medina from a rooftop restaurant, can’t wait to return!” Shaun B.


My Buddy Abroad



To travel or not to travel, that is the question.  Whether tis’ nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of global isolation, or take arms against a sea of losers, and by opposing, travel.

Shakespeare’s version might have varied slightly, but who really knows? One thing is certain though, Shakespeare’s influence spanned an entire planet, something he could not do personally in the 1500’s.  How many international tour dates do you think Shakespeare would have in 2012? My best guess is however many there were, they’d be sold out in every city across the globe.

Do you ever wonder why so many American artists do international tours? We’re the epicenter of culture and entertainment for the world.  We set standards for other countries in terms of music, movies, television, etc.  But that doesn’t mean we’re all the world has to offer. Up until four years ago, mainstream culture was 90% originating for the good ole U S of A.  Today, we have been ambushed by a sea of English pop-Gods; Adele, One Direction, the Wanted.  And as it turns out, America is welcoming the ambush with open arms.

The point I’m trying to make is the world is getting smaller and it’s happening fast.  For so long we’ve had this idea that the rest of the globe is one big greenhouse experiment; we send over American culture and news in droves while most anything that tries to escape the bubble is caught in a thick 12-mile layer of indifference and who can blame us? We barely have to time to swallow everything here in the states.  It’s time to start opening our eyes to different regions, languages, cultures, food.  The world as we know it is shrinking and believe it or not, that’s a good thing.  At My Buddy Abroad, we want to show what it’s like to ride four wheelers in the Moroccan dessert, to fall in love in Paris, to teach English in China, and to watch the sun rise after a long night in Ibiza, with hundreds of other people JUST like you.

And at the end of it all, maybe we can honor our beloved but not forgotten American culture with a few updated sequels, starting with, “Honey, I shrunk the kids world.”

Travel smart, my friends.