5 New Year’s Eve Experiences That May Not Be Completely Overrated


New Year’s Eve is widely acclaimed as the most overrated holiday of each year.  Expectations are high for a great night, but everyone else in the world seems to have the exact idea making the clique hot-spots over-crowded and uncomfortable. 


My friend was recently telling me about how some of her friends had gone to Times Square to watch the ball drop in NYC. Apparently they arrived in Times Square shortly after noon, in the freezing cold, wearing diapers. Because once you’re there, you are there for the night. Cell phones don’t work, and it’s impossible to get back in the crowd or find your friends should you leave. And all of this just to watch a ball drop for 10 seconds? Insanity!


So here are some ideas that might not totally suck, and may allow you to have a decent New Year’s Eve where you can go to the restroom at will:




1. All-inclusive Resort


Many resorts host New Year’s parties that are limited to the guests of the hotel only, so you don’t have to fight the masses of the general public, or even leave your resort to party in the New Year.


La Concha

La Concha Resort, Puerto Rico



2. Hotel with a view


 Big cities around the world often have large displays for New Year’s choose a hotel that overlooks attractions such as Niagara Falls or the Eiffel Tower to celebrate the New Year from your hotel room with your friends or loved one. Alternatively, many hotels in larger cities also have rooftop lounges or bars, that guests can watch the festivities from. 

Marrakech Rooftop

Marrakech Hotel Rooftop Lounge View





3. Quiet Vacation Spots


If you want to go somewhere for New Year’s but don’t want to fight crowds of partiers, try typically quiet vacation spots like Hawaii or Napa.  These locations will still have events and parties, but you can be assured it is not likely to get out of control the street of a major city.


Napa Valley

Napa Valley




4. Year round party location


If you do want to party hard on New Year’s, choose a location that parties hard year round, like Vegas or New Orleans. At least these destinations have the infrastructure and experience to deal with mass chaos in large crowds.






5. Southern hemisphere big city


If you really want to experience the crowds of people gather in a central location to view a New Year’s display, at least choose one in a southern hemisphere destination.  Since the southern hemisphere has the opposite temperatures as us, at least you don’t have to factor in freezing while you are standing around waiting for the New Year to arrive.